Sustainability Report 2019

Dear BPW Partners, Employees and Friends,

As a family-owned company, BPW thinks and acts in generations, not financial quarters: sustainability and corporate responsibility have been our guiding principles for over 120 years.

It’s our values that guide us – in our journey towards becoming one of the biggest innovators in the commercial vehicle industry. After all, anything that makes transport more efficient and economical, swifter and safer, benefits the climate, the environment and humanity.

We invite you to find out more about the progress we have made on this journey. We are documenting our progress in line with the benchmarks of the UN Global Compact – a global initiative for responsible corporate governance that we have supported since 2016. We are also guided by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. And for the first time ever, our sustainability report is available only in digital format.

Achim Kotz  Markus Schell  Michael Pfeiffer
Highlights include our electric drive axle for zero-emission diesel truck conversion. Another example is how we are connecting vehicles, freight and drivers: this allows us to reduce consumption, wear, traffic jams and detours, noise and pollutant emissions, as well as excessive downtime and empty running. With mechatronic innovations like the iGurt and AirSave, we are helping to combat the main causes of truck accidents. With our holistic approach to sustainability, we are bringing partners and suppliers on board in our mission – and making huge progress in eco-friendly production. In our factories, we work exclusively with climate-neutral electricity, some of which we even produce ourselves. Yet our social responsibility doesn’t stop at the factory gates: BPW also takes a stand in public life – against issues such as exclusion and xenophobia.

All of our employees and apprentices are involved in our commitment to people, climate and the environment. And whether they’re new recruits, trainees or part of one of the many families who have worked with us for generations: our connection to our employees still shapes BPW’s identity today, just as it did 120 years ago.

That’s why we invite you, on behalf of all our employees, to take a look at our new sustainability report. Discover our ideas, initiatives and innovations for a better world.

Yours sincerely, the personally liable managing partners,

Achim Kotz

Markus Schell

Michael Pfeiffer

Employees and Community

The people who work at BPW determine the success of the company. It therefore goes without saying that all employees are supported with their individual development and the challenges they face – in relation to health, social issues and work.

BPW also takes on social responsibility, teaches apprentices democratic values and leads the way for diversity.

Product Responsibility

Transport is more than a way of moving from A to B. BPW sees transport and logistics as one overall system – forming closely interlinked chain reactions and eco systems.

BPW employs an integrated innovation strategy to achieve sustainable gains in efficiency – for the climate, the environment, people and nature. This starts with the sourcing of raw materials and extends right through production to use and ultimately to recycling.

Environment and Energy

BPW was built with the power of water 120 years ago and is still setting benchmarks for the use of renewable energy. BPW has been obtaining its electricity exclusively from carbon-neutral sources since 2017 – including direct from solar panels on its own roofs.

Its natural gas supply will also be carbon-neutral by 2020. BPW is also making significant progress in energy efficiency – in the plant and throughout the supply chain.